‘We can have faith in Scotland’s future with young writers like this.’ – Meaghan Delahunt

Celebrating 700 years of the Declaration of Arbroath

For 700 years the Declaration of Arbroath has been one of Scotland’s most powerful national symbols. In The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath, Andrew celebrates the Declaration as one of the earliest foundation stones of Scottish identity, and explores its profound impact on modern ideas of freedom and democracy. 


Creating an Atlas of Scotland

The Atlas of Scotland is an ambitious new project to create a unique Scottish atlas for the 21st century. Produced as a visually striking hardback book, combining text with illustrated maps, the Atlas will shed new light on Scotland’s size and resources, its cultural and political history, as well as its long standing as one of the ancient kingdoms of Europe and the richness of its international connections.



Summer of Independence (2016)

A colourful account of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum written from a grassroots perspective.

The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath (2019)

Celebrating 700 years of the Declaration of Arbroath, one of Scotland’s most important national artefacts.

Atlas of Scotland (2021)

A unique Scottish atlas, telling the nation’s story through maps and illustrations. Due in late 2021.