Illustration for ‘Demanding Democracy: The Case for a Scottish Media’

cover5‘With a few notable exceptions, the Scottish mainstream media has not been able to rise to the challenge presented by the growing self-determination movement. When it isn’t hopelessly biased towards a status quo that will never thank it for its efforts, it is cowed, apologetic and sinking rapidly in its own irrelevance. It needs a radical overhaul. This book not only reiterates why this has to happen, but also shows us how it might come to pass.’ – Irvine Welsh

Right: an illustration for the front cover of ‘Demanding Democracy: The Case for a Scottish Media’ (Word Power Books) by Christopher Silver.


Announcement on ‘The Summer of Independence’


One year on from the referendum, I’m very pleased to announce that The Summer of Independence, an illustrated book of stories from the campaign, will be published with Word Power Books over the coming months.

‘… the story of a remarkable moment in Scottish history, told with the passion that characterised the movement … an important contribution to our understanding of what we created and are still creating.’ – Bella Caledonia

‘… a beautifully written and illustrated journey through the momentous closing stages of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign … an intimate, lucid and poignant insight into the very heart of the Yes movement by one of the co-founders of National Collective.’ – Scott Lyall

Today I have also been interviewed about the upcoming book by Commonspace, which can be found here.