2018 End of Year Review

For me 2018 began with ‘Pith & Power’, an illustrated exhibition exploring Robert Burns’ relationship with politics and power at the Saltire Society in Edinburgh. It ran January – March and was a great opportunity to get people talking about the Bard. See more about the exhibition here.


In August I announced my new book project, ‘The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath’, a commemorative book for the Declaration’s 700th anniversary in 2020. The crowdfunded project reached its target in October. Thank you to all those who supported it. See more about the project here.



In November I really enjoyed putting together a new image to celebrate St Andrew’s Day. It depicts St Andrew with his fishing net, his X-shaped Saltire and St Andrew’s Cathedral in the background.


In 2019 I’ll be focused on ‘The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath’, combining text and illustration to tell the story of one of Scotland’s most important artefacts. Thank you to all those who have supported my work so far, and wishing you all a Happy New Year!


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