Atlas of Scotland

The Atlas of Scotland uses hand-drawn maps and illustrations to tell Scotland’s story. It explores in detail how Scotland was made, its history and culture, as well as its long standing as one of the ancient kingdoms of Europe.

In addition to mapping the land as a whole, the Atlas also explores the individual local histories of each of Scotland’s 7 cities, plus 12 of its historic towns.

Finally, this Atlas then takes you far beyond Scotland, looking at some of the fascinating ways Scotland has connected with the outside world throughout history – from the old European trade routes of Scottish merchants, to the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, and so much more.

Illustrations for the Atlas of Scotland include:
• 37 maps
• 80 mountains
• 7 cities
• 12 historic towns
• 5 international journeys

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Hear more about the Atlas of Scotland in this recent interview with the Saltire Society:


‘A stunningly beautiful hand-drawn Atlas full of surprises, putting Scotland on display like never before. Andrew has produced an extraordinary vision of the country with great care, creativity and imagination.’ – Nicola Sturgeon

‘Scotland needs things of beauty, craft and uniqueness – retelling and remaking our sense of ourselves, who we are and what we have done, so that we can better understand our myriad stories, histories and identities. The Atlas of Scotland does this splendidly and with great skill and audacity, taking us on a magical tour the length and breadth of the nation – geographically, historically and in our imagination.’ – Gerry Hassan

‘Andrew’s beautiful new Atlas is almost a redefinition of cartography. It reminds the reader not only about what lies around him or her in this wonderful country, but goes much further by inspirationally re-telling so many great stories of place and people.’ – Michael Russell

‘A delightful book from beginning to end … Andrew combines a sensitive artistic talent with a deep love and knowledge of Scotland which helps us see our country from a unique perspective.’ – Billy Kay

‘This Atlas is earthed in the terrain of Scotland’s land and sea, but also brings into light surprising episodes, characters, strange moments in history and un-expected angles of geography. It is a tapestry that draws a wealth of information up from deep time and extends its vision over a whole, complex, open theatre.’ – Alan Riach

Order your copy of the Atlas of Scotland now

Countdown to Declaration of Arbroath’s 700th anniversary

For months I’ve been working on The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath, a unique illustrated book to coincide with celebrations of the document’s 700th anniversary in 2020. Today I released behind-the-scenes images from the ‘Declaration Studio’, which has been set up at Saltire Society Headquarters in Edinburgh, as well as a short teaser film on social media.

This will be the first book to take a creative rather than an academic approach to the Declaration of Arbroath. I hope it shows Scottish history in a new light and brings one of our most ancient artefacts to life in new and unexpected ways.

This new book will also explore the legacy of the Declaration, including its influence on Scottish political traditions and how it has been commemorated at previous anniversaries. So many of Scotland’s cultural and political ideas can be traced back to the contents of the Declaration. It’s one of the earliest foundation stones of Scottish nationhood, and I can’t wait to share it with others, renewed and reinvented.

The finished book is due to be released by the end of 2019, in the run-up to a programme of events and exhibitions for the 700th anniversary in April 2020. I’m hugely excited to be taking part in what will be an important anniversary in Scottish history.


With thanks to Pict Digital for the film and photography.

2018 End of Year Review

For me 2018 began with ‘Pith & Power’, an illustrated exhibition exploring Robert Burns’ relationship with politics and power at the Saltire Society in Edinburgh. It ran January – March and was a great opportunity to get people talking about the Bard. See more about the exhibition here.


In August I announced my new book project, ‘The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath’, a commemorative book for the Declaration’s 700th anniversary in 2020. The crowdfunded project reached its target in October. Thank you to all those who supported it. See more about the project here.



In November I really enjoyed putting together a new image to celebrate St Andrew’s Day. It depicts St Andrew with his fishing net, his X-shaped Saltire and St Andrew’s Cathedral in the background.


In 2019 I’ll be focused on ‘The Illustrated Declaration of Arbroath’, combining text and illustration to tell the story of one of Scotland’s most important artefacts. Thank you to all those who have supported my work so far, and wishing you all a Happy New Year!